WA’s largest gas storage facility closer to full operations

The largest gas storage facility in Western Australia is set to be fully operational by June this year, expected to boost energy security in the state.

Constructed by Duet Group subsidiary DBP Development Group (DDG), the project will use the depleted Tubridgi onshore gas reservoir, located 30km from Onslow.

It has an estimated construction cost of $69 million and will be connected to the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas pipeline.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum’s executive director, petroleum, Jeff Haworth, said the project would play key role in increasing the state’s energy security once it becomes fully operational.

“The Tubridgi facility will enable banking of unused gas to cover planned production facility outages,” he said.

The facility will store around 42PJ and have a daily withdrawal rate of approximately 50 terajoules a day.

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