West Erregulla-2 claims deepest ever well drilled onshore Australia

Strike Energy and Warrego Energy’s West Erregulla-2 joint venture project in Western Australia has intercepted and started drilling through the high cliff sandstone at 4928 metres.

Since last updating the market, Strike has continued drilling the production hole section through the Bit Basher Shale, resulting in the interception.

Extended drilling breaks have been observed throughout the high cliff with associated elevated mud gas readings.

Cuttings from these sections includes clean coarse grained quartzose sandstone, which Strike reports as having good visual porosity, likely due to protective clay coatings.

West Erregulla 2 is currently at a depth of 5017 metres and is the deepest well ever drilled onshore Australia.

Looking ahead, Strike stated it would continue drilling through the remaining High Cliff formation until reaching the Holmwood Shale.

Drilling into the shale will be required to create a pocket to allow for wireline logging tools to be run through the High Cliff and capture the best available data.

After a final well total depth is reached, based upon the logging pocket, the well will be conditioned, and the drilling bottom hole assembly will be pulled out of hole ready for wireline activities.

A full suite of available logging tools will be run through the high cliff and further data will be gathered through the Kingia.

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