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Western Surat project bolsters Senex reserves estimate

The company has estimated 16.7 MMboe, up 4.6 MMboe or 38 per cent compared to 30 June 2016; and 83.9 MMboe, up 0.5 MMboe or 1 per cent.

The resources have been independently certified by DeGolyer and MacNaughton, and Netherland Sewell Associates.

Senex Managing Director and CEO Ian Davies said “We made significant progress on the Western Surat Gas project during the 2017 financial year, delivering our first pilot and sanctioning a material capital investment for appraisal of the Eos and Glenora blocks. As we continue to mature this project through investment in appraisal and development activities, we can look forward to further 1P reserves and production growth.

In February 2017, Senex announced that it had sanctioned its first major investment in the Western Surat Gas Project, committing $50 million to a 30 well drilling campaign, with gas production of around 10 TJ/d expected by mid-2018.

The Western Surat Gas project includes the Glenora and Eos blocks, located in the south-east of the project area, directly north of GLNG’s producing Roma field. Senex has the benefit of significant subsurface data over these blocks given historic appraisal and development, and the offsetting GLNG well data. A pipeline from the Glenora pilot to the GLNG low-pressure gathering network was constructed during 2016.

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