What do ‘oil & gas’ and ‘off-roading’ have in common

As the Queensland Oil and Gas industry continues to reach new heights and the country pushes the energy industry to grow, a local CQ business is leading the way.

This week, The Australian Financial Review, quoted the University of Queensland Centre for Coal Seam Gas Director Professor Andrew Garnett as saying

“Whichever global energy future you look at, if you want to drive down emissions and you want to bring people up the wealth curve, you need gas. Gas volumes have to increase to back up renewables. If we get this right, there’s a market for our resources out beyond 2040”

And when you consider the latest EnergyQuest report identifies Australia’s 21.2 per cent increase in annual exports rates as only second to Qatar for LNG exports in the last financial year, there is plenty of opportunity to get it right.

The Queensland Government is set to spend $30 billion on infrastructure and APEA recently commented that the Oil & Gas industry now supports 80,000 jobs. Back in May, we identified the LNG industry in Queensland had grown upwards of 90 per cent in the last year and was set to double again in the year ahead. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that jobs will double, it will represent a substantial increase in people and the need to get around.

That is where FleetCrew is so uniquely positioned. With the largest fleet of specialist, 4WD hire vehicles on the East Coast, they have more than 30 different options for mine specification vehiclesand a reputation for service that is beyond reproach.

When we spoke to Director and co-founder, Ben Harris, he said “I’m not sure how many mine sites there are in Queensland but there wouldn’t be many of the active or major ones that our vehicles haven’t had access to at some point. Once or twice a month we dispatch a vehicle to someone who’s previously been turned away from site because the non FleetCrew vehicle used was not compliant.  Light vehicle mine specs can be complicated – but that’s okay, that’s what we do. We’re here to help.”

Harris’ business partner and co-founder Mary-Ann Strelow went on to say, “FleetCrew, dispatched 4,800 bookings last financial yearfrom our Brisbane, Mt. Isa and Dysart offices which is why we’ve now opened Mackay; to support the growth. Because, it’s not just mining and infrastructure – on weekends people want to go off-road, which is another industry we strongly support – probably 50 a month or so are recreational, used to see the most picture-perfect parts of Queensland.”

FleetCrew is a team of experienced professionals who continually deliver customised solutions to both organisations and communities in the region at a highly personalised level. Their specialised service offering already supports the substantial regional growth across Central Queensland and is the best choice when considering vehicles into the future.

Speak to their Mine Spec 4WD specialist team about your project needs on 1300 551 400.

Get on-site fast with FleetCrew.

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