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What does the future hold for Queensland LNG and the domestic gas market?

Last November, Santos had already confirmed they are not running their GLNG venture at full production. If prices remain low, Origin Energy’s Australia Pacific LNG venture and Shell’s Queensland Curtis venture may take the same path given high operational costs, according to recent reports.

With the east coast domestic market closely linked, the demand/supply dynamics in Queensland which make up most of east coast demand have far reaching implications and understanding them is key for all stakeholders.

With Australia’s gas markets on the East, North and West Coasts undergoing unprecedented change, Australian gas leaders, industry officials, regulators and major industry stakeholders will gather in Sydney 13-16 March to discuss the impacts of 2016’s volatile gas market and the future of the domestic gas industry at the 5th annual Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference.

Key speakers for the 5th annual Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference include:


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