Wireless Pressure Gauge Technology for the 21st Century

Process industry pressure gauges have been serving the industry since their invention more than 160 years ago. These mechanical gauges offer relatively good measurement at a low price.

However, they routinely fail, provide unreliable information, and cause concern for plant operators. Important maintenance decisions made based on readings from these gauges may compromise plant safety and productivity. In 2016, Emerson finally gives the century-old device an upgrade!

The new Rosemount(TM) Wireless Pressure Gauge has a robust design that resists common failures, delivers reliable information about plant equipment and continuously informs users of its status.

Industry-proven sensor technology provides overpressure protection and multiple layers of process isolation for improved safety and reliability and delivers up to 10 years of maintenance-free operation.

Digital electronics confirm proper gauge operation through local status indication and WirelessHART® technology delivers reliable field data communications as frequently as once per minute.

Modern advances in pressure gauge technology provide a number of advantages for use in demanding process plant applications. To learn more, download the whitepaper.

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