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WOMA showcases the latest and greatest


WOMA Australia recently held live demonstration session in NSW, showcasing its ultra-high pressure pump systems, vacuum systems, explosion protection, robotics and other automated equipment.

Industrial services figures came together from across the country on June 19–20 to attend WOMA’s live demonstrations, an event that showcased the company’s new generation of pumps.

This included the VersaJet compact range of pumps; the WOMA Water Jet cold water, hot water, and steam capable pump unit; the Trailer Mounted 150M and 190M ultra-high pressure pump units; and the containerised WOMA 700ZWG transmission unit.

As a distributor of high-quality automated technology, WOMA also spotlighted its supply partners, including StoneAge, AQUAJET and BROKK.

“The event had an emphasis on the use of automated equipment and how it can enhance safety, and improve productivity and data logging capabilities,” WOMA told Energy Today.

“In the eyes of our customers, the live demonstrations were the highlight of the event.”

The StoneAge/Terydon Jack Track cold cutting system was one such piece of equipment on display.

“The Jack Track demonstration illustrated a straight, weld-ready cut utilising high-pressure water with grit entrainment in the water stream,” WOMA said.

“The mini radius cutter and circle/pipe cutter attachments were also discussed, coupled with WOMA’s 150M UHP unit.”

The StoneAge ABX-500 hose tractor was also on display.

“The trial demonstrated the ability of the hose tractor to control forward and reverse speed of the tool within the pipe for consistent feed and dwell time when coupled to a WOMA 700ZWG pump unit,” WOMA said.

The CUBE S3 Magnetic Crawler, designed for operation on vertical, horizontal and overhead steel surfaces, was also demonstrated at the event.

“The surface preparation capabilities of the Magnetic Crawler, along with the control dexterity of the unit, were a big hit with attendees.”

The WOMA team said they were grateful for the overwhelming support and positive feedback received regarding the success of the show.

“The event was a resounding success, hosted over two days and filled with enthusiastic support from customers and clients,” the company said.

“Customers are more aware of the range of accessories that are available to them to improve the bottom line of their respective businesses.

“The quoting opportunities that have arisen from the demonstrations suggests that our equipment has a wide range of potential applications different industries.”

For more information visit the WOMA website.

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