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Woodside gets NOPSEMA green light

Woodside NOPSEMA

Woodside’s proposal to drill up to ten development wells in WA-61-L was recently authorised by the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA).

The Petroleum Activities Program is located in Permit Area WA-61-L in Commonwealth waters, about 374 km northwest of Dampier, Western Australia.

The Scarborough gas resource, located in Commonwealth waters approximately 375 kilometres off the Burrup Peninsula, forms part of the Greater Scarborough gas fields, comprising the Scarborough, North Scarborough, Thebe and Jupiter gas fields.

The proposed development of Scarborough is an integral part of Woodside’s Burrup Hub vision for a regional gas hub which will secure economic growth and local employment opportunities for Western Australia.

The closest landfall to the Petroleum Activities Program is the North West Cape, about 226 km south-south-east at its nearest point.

The EP includes drilling and subsea tree installation activities for eight planned development wells and the potential for a further two additional contingency wells.

Woodside may also need to intervene, workover or re-drill the wells. Subsea inspection, monitoring, maintenance and subsea infrastructure repair activities may also be undertaken.

The Petroleum Activity Program will be carried out using either a DP MODU or a moored MODU, subsea installation vessel and support vessels.

The activity is planned to occur anytime within a five-year window commencing in H2 2023.

Drilling and completions for the development wells is expected to take approximately 50-60 days per well to complete.

Subsea inspection, monitoring, maintenance and repair activities may be conducted intermittently and over short durations in the immediate vicinity of installed subsea infrastructure.

Activities will be conducted 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Timing and duration of these activities is subject to change due to project schedule requirements, drill rig and vessel availability, weather and unforeseen circumstances.

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