Woodside halts production at Pluto LNG

Woodside has temporarily halted production at Pluto LNG plant.

According to the company it was due to a safety concern.

"This precautionary action was taken after a submersible drilling rig under contract to another party drifted near Pluto flowlines," Woodside said in a company statement.

However no damage was caused in the incident.

"Underwater inspections have confirmed the integrity of the flowlines," Woodside said.

"Production will be restarted when the rig has been relocated away from Pluto infrastructure."

Woodside is yet to outline a defined date when it will restart production.

This is not the first time production has been temporarily halted due to an unforeseen event.

In 2013 Woodside was forced to downgrade its annual production estimates after a technical glitch forced the temporary shutdown of its Pluto LNG plant.

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