Woodside to create thousands of jobs at Burrup Hub

Woodside Energy will require a workforce of more than 4600 workers when its Burrup Hub construction reaches its peak in 2023.

The Burrup Hub development will also create long-term employment through more than 4000 jobs a year, with an average of 1100 to 2000 jobs during operations, over a 40-year timeframe.

Almost half of these will be located in northern Western Australia, according to Woodside chief operations officer Meg O’Neill.

This goes on top of the existing operations jobs in Karratha and Perth, which are associated with running the North West Shelf and Pluto projects.

“Findings (from economic consultants ACIL Allen) underline (Burrup Hub’s) massive contribution to the economy, employment and energy in Western Australia and the nation over the lifetime of these proposed developments,” O’Neill, speaking at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) 2019 annual resources overview, said.

Woodside’s proposals at the Burrup Hub, which include the development of an additional 20–25 trillion cubic feet of gas resources from the Scarborough and Browse fields, are estimated to contribute a direct tax and royalties payments of up to $82 billion.

The development is forecast to boost Australia’s gross domestic product by $414 billion between now and 2063.

Woodside is set to make targeted final investment decisions next year, and is “doing everything it can” to deliver these proposed developments, according to O’Neill.

She argues that the Burrup Hub development fits in a lower carbon world, meeting the need for “increasing amounts of energy delivered in cleaner ways.”

“Renewables meet part of this demand – but they are not the whole story. We are going to need a range of energy sources – and natural gas will be crucial – now and for decades into the future,” O’Neill said.

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