ZNX testing equipment a collaboration success story

The adoption and implementation of the XP2i data logger is the result of strong collaboration between ZNX and its client, Multinet Gas.

The adoption of the technology has been achieved with minimal re-working of existing Standard Work Procedures (SWPs), typically a time- and labour-intensive process, due to an extensive review by ZNX and Multinet Gas of existing SWPs, operating manuals and existing equipment.

The collaborative approach to the review means the new data logger can be adopted using the existing SWPs, with appendices, and in conjunction with a customised training package created with input from Kynekt Training, a specialist utility training company.

The XP2i data logger offers workers the latest technology in the market. When used in conjunction with its streamlined software, testing the integrity of new gas pipes and welding joins after insertion into old mains, takes only an hour.

Another benefit that is a direct result of the SWPs review process is the introduction of a “˜Mains Pressure Test Record Sheet’ to be completed as part of the testing process. Data from the record sheet will be cross-referenced with the results produced by the data logger equipment to ensure the data is sound, and then all results will be retained in a network asset database.

Pilot training has been undertaken at ZNX’s newly refurbished training space by key ZNX employees and accredited contractors, including Murbak, Allgas and ZSC Group, who are currently working on the Multinet Gas Pipeworks Capital Renewal Program.

“The approach to the adoption of this new technology has been a success story in itself,”? said ZNX Operations Manager – Gas and Water, Michael Paolilli-Treonze.

“Through our collaboration, the barriers to using the data logger have been minimised and the workers in the field can get on with the job with the best tools available.”?

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