CCE expands its pipeline corrosion management offering


For 20 years, Corrosion Control Engineering (CCE), has established a reputation as the pipeline industry’s leading cathodic protection (CP) goods and services provider.

The company has Australasia’s largest number of NACE certified cathodic protection staff including nine CP-4 Cathodic Protection Specialists – the highest level of CP certification offered by NACE, the worldwide corrosion authority.

While many in the pipeline industry know CCE for its CP technical expertise and supply of quality CP materials, many are unfamiliar with the other corrosion prevention services and pipeline specific product lines that CCE can offer the industry.

The company name, Corrosion Control Engineering lends itself to many other areas outside of just CP, and over the past few years, the company has diversified into other sectors of the pipeline corrosion industry.

As well as having more corrosion engineers and technicians specialising in CP than any other company in Australasia, CCE also has an in-house team of corrosion investigation and pipeline integrity consultants, whose primary function is to provide corrosion analysis and mitigation solutions for pipeline asset owners.

Alan Bryson is CCE’s Principal Corrosion and Integrity Specialist based in Melbourne.  With more than 40 years of CP, coatings and AC mitigation knowledge, Alan has been providing pipeline integrity expertise and solutions for some of Australia’s oldest and most complex buried steel pipeline systems.

In Perth, Dr Grahame Strong is CCE’s corrosion expert specialising in corrosion management for both onshore and offshore structures.  Grahame’s 30 years of corrosion experience includes specifying and reviewing corrosion and chemical monitoring equipment and assessing the fitness for service of equipment damaged by corrosion.

Grahame is an internal corrosion and corrosion inhibitor consultant and subject matter expert for managing microbial influenced, CO2, H2S, top of the line and under deposit corrosion.

CP survey at a pipeline test point.

Based in Sydney, CCE Corrosion and Materials Consultant Edgar Mendez has been working in the inspection and testing industry for 17 years, most of which has been in metallurgy. Edgar’s corrosion expertise includes condition assessment, failure investigations, visual and microstructural examination, standards review and a wide range of onsite and laboratory testing and reporting.

In addition to the above areas of engineering and field technical expertise, the company’s warehouses across Australia and New Zealand stock and sell a wide range of pipeline related products and materials.

While CCE is known for supplying world class sacrificial and impressed current anodes, earth contact backfills and transformer rectifier units from the world’s leading suppliers, the company has a whole lot more to offer the pipeline industry that many of us don’t know about.

All of CCE’s regional offices have a products, materials and technical equipment specialist with many years of experience in the pipeline industry. Its regional warehouses stock a full inventory of CP and pipeline related products, materials and technical equipment.

CCE’s regional office locations throughout Australia and New Zealand allow reduced shipping costs for products and materials supplied to their customers. This local presence means CCE has the ability to expedite the dispatch of materials all over Australasia at short notice, whenever required.

In support of the pipeline industry, CCE offers competitive pricing for a wide range of products and technical equipment including:

  • CP test points, stands, cabling and thermit weld materials
  • Monolithic Insulating Joints (MIJ’s) – supplied by Zunt in Italy
  • Surge protectors and decouplers – supplied by Dairyland USA
  • Pipeline pigs – all types and sizes of pipeline cleaning and gauging pigs manufactured by the world’s leading suppliers
  • Corrosion and erosion monitoring equipment
  • Pipeline casing spacers
  • Insulating barrel unions for pipework
  • Pipeline repair sleeves/kits
  • Speciality cables and heat shrink materials
  • Radolid Caps – to protect bolted connections against corrosion
  • DCVG Pipeline Coating Defect Survey Equipment
  • CIPS ‐ Close Interval Potential Survey Equipment
  • Data loggers and GPS current interrupters
  • CP remote monitoring systems for test point and transformer rectifiers
  • DC Current Clamp (Swain Meter)
  • Soil resistivity testing equipment
  • Pipeline locators

With eight offices located around Australia and New Zealand, CCE are well positioned to assist pipeline asset owners and constructors with their pipeline corrosion prevention and cathodic protection needs for any project, large or small.

This article appeared in the September issue of the Australian Pipeliner.

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