Strike tapping LNG goldmine in the Perth Basin

Strike Energy

Strike Energy’s exploration in the Perth Basin has located four new leads with an estimated combined closure of 100 km2.

Three of the leads – collectively called Arrino – are linked and were found along Tathra Terrace, located east of South Erregulla.

2D seismic data collected by Strike has indicated that Arrino North, Arrino Central, and Arrino South are formed by stepped faults.

Managing director and CEO Stuart Nicholls said that the discovery is further evidence of Strike’s exceptional track record in frontier exploration in the area.

These faults are similar to other areas in the Perth Basin where operators have discovered significant Permian gas fields.

The fourth and largest lead, Kadathinni, is located further south.

“The emergence of the Tathra Terrace demonstrates just how early we are into our journey of fully understanding the magnitude of the Permian gas fairway in the North Perth Basin,” Nicholls said.

The depth of the discoveries ranges from 4 to 6 km, with Kadathinni reaching greater depths than the undeniably successful West Erregulla.

Strike has announced its intention to perform further seismic testing before drilling exploration wells.

The company claims that the success of the discoveries could have significant impact on LNG markets.


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